On the Origin of Self. Self?

“Knowing Self not on my agenda” renaissance priests say
The highest of us shall provide light to the unknown
For the universe will keep micro-management away
Why are you attacking me, Nicholas Copernicus?
I am to warn my fellows of the incoming disturbance

May you liberate self from eternal void of physicality
As an energy designed to sustain essence to existence
Fueling perception, shadowing reality, a mirror of itself
Take me away, for all come before Sir Francis Bacon
Bring me closer, for no actual self climbing awareness

Quadratic bodies as cognitive battles towards fitness
Halt social construct! You are just a linear regression
Consistent through time to validate madness
Powerless alien lost, shooting off dimensions
After all, normality wins in cyborg’s laziness

1,300 cubic obsession to befriend spectroscopy
Powerfully weak to cross dimensional barriers
Inner speech as GPS to itself. To selfness. Hello cortex!
Giving eternal power to free cognitive rider
Multilayered tunnel to free bias from awareness

Valid social puppets, mindlessly aligned to meet entropy
From fragile self-identity to invisible vanishing point
Social mythology crying, begging for Pareto Optimal
Group survival vanishing, smiling, jumping off time
As genes climb the mountain of cognition as its shadow

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